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Astypalea Museums and Arts

Museums and art of  Astypalea

The Archaeological Museum in Pera Yialos. This includes finds from Mycenean graves discovered in the areas of Armenohori and Synkero, bronze objects and tools, amphorae and other vessels, lead weights (1375-1300 BC), and 4th century BC coins. 
There are also parts of statutes and heads from the classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods, marble columns, inscribed tomb stelae, terracotta dolls, sections of mosaic, bronze statuettes, a parapet from the Paleo-Christian basilica from the 6th century found in the Agrelidi area as well as a marble heraldic shield of the Quirini Family (15th century). There are photographs too of the Negrou and Drakou caves. 
Narcisseos Municipal Library


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