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Villages of Astypalea

Analipsi or Maltezana:

A seaside village spread out along a small valley in Exo Nisi with a beautiful sandy beach. The second name 'Maltezana' makes reference to the pirates who pillaged the Aegean and found refuge in the island's sheltered bays. The village hugs the bay with a long jetty at which fishing caiques moor. The orchards and vineyards go right down to the water's edge. Tour boats can take visitors to the island's beaches and the islets of Hondro, Ligno, Aghia Kyriaki, Koutsomytis, Syrna and Kounoupi.


A seaside village spread along a fertile valley on the inlet of the bay with the same name. Livadia is the island's flower garden. The gardens with mandarin trees, orange trees, vines, and houses bedecked in flowers are spread along the entire length of the stream which terminates at a beautiful beach.


Vathy resembles are lagoon. The bay is almost completely closed off with an opening of just 50m. There are two small villages at Vathy: Exo Vathy which is at the mouth of the bay with its small jetty at which caiques moor and Mesa Vathy on the inlet of the bay with fields, a few trees and vineyards. Visitors can reach Vathy by road along a passable dirt track or by boat. There are regular sailings from Vai Bay.


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