Astypalea Astypalaea Griechenland Astypalaia isola

traditional cuisine of Astypalea

"Poungia" (cheese pie made from kopanisti cheese and honey), preserved fruits (quince, fig, bitter orange, bergamot orange), turnovers, "rantista" (lentils cooked with finely grained dough and vinegar), stuffed vine, cabbage leaves or courgette flowers, various local cheeses such as "ladotyri", "myzithra", "chlori", a type of yoghurt called "xyalina", lobster with spaghetti, octopus balls, fish, goat stuffed with rice, liver finely chopped and cooked with spices known as 'lambrianos", yellow bread rolls "kitrinokouloura" with 'chlori' cheese and saffron and pies known as 'lambropittes".

greek food


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